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Friday, December 23, 2016

Grandma's Christmas Letters: 1967

My paternal grandmother wrote a Christmas letter annually which she then copied and sent to friends and family.  She also kept a copy for herself. Re-reading them as a family historian gives me a new insight into her daily life. Below is a transcription of one of her letters; I've tried to keep her actual words, punctuation and grammar intact.


Christmas 1967
It is time for greeting friends and relatives after enjoyable Thanksgiving at St. Lawrence spent with the Davis family. I recently spent a few weeks in Minneapolis with Glenn and Darlene -Bob and Ardis and their families.

Glenn and Darlene (and Curtis and Scott) planned to come to South Dakota for Thanksgiving, so I returned with them. I always have an interesting time with the boys and their families. And I try to make myself useful. I did some mending and some skirts shortening.. maybe next year I will have to go back and let the hems down again., I also made a dress for myself. They have such a nice stores in which to shop. I spent some time there this spring. At that time I visited with other relatives at Maple Lake and also took a bus trip to Park Rapids to visit Paul and Althia at their lake home.

At Miller it's been the usual volunteer work. I helped with a few clinics and with some school exhibit work at the court-house. It all helps to keep one busy and keep from getting bored.

Nelly Mac' from State College stopped by in Sept and took me on a very enjoyable trip to the Mobridge territory. We stopped at Selby and Cresbard to visit friends.

Gladys Johnson (a nurse friend from Huron) and I took a four-day trip to Aberdeen & were given the Red Carpet service by Iva, Florence Hazel and their men folk. We also got to visit with Elfreda. Enroute home we stopped to visit Scotty, a classmate we were glad to learn is recovering from her illness.

I helped Beth Cass (friend) with her auction sale and help to rent her property here in Miller and helped her get her personal belongings transferred to California. That was an interesting experience, altho it is hard work, it was good for me to learn as I may have to do it myself some time.

I have a piano pupil again. I have one every so often, but they tire and quit. This little character is very interested and loves to come and take her lesson and remain to visit. So we have some interesting times together although she is only 9 years old.

I plan to spend the holidays with the boys' family so I am looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to hearing from you and may your Christmas Season and the New Year be filled with many blessings.

Best wishes……………… Myrle P

(Handwritten in the corner:) 
I used the typewriter @ the office in a hurry

Christmas Letters

Photos are in the author's personal collection.

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